10 Holiday Photograpy Tips to try when you get home

It’s that familiar bittersweet feeling at the end of a holiday – you’re happy to get home but you could have done with an extra week!

With most of the summer still ahead of us, though, here are some ways to enhance your summer snapshots once you’re home, even on your commute to and from work…

  1. Capture wildlife at the nearest zoo

Animals are stunning creatures and make wonderful photographs if you watch them closely and work out their best angles and how they move. Some animals look better standing still; others while they are on the move so observe and play around with different shots.

  1. Shoot the sunrise

The light at sunrise is always unbeatable and unpredictable and every morning (or evening sunset) is just so different.. You may have woken early the first day at your timeshare resort to capture a stunning dawn in Ibiza, but the thought of waking up at 5am once you’re home probably isn’t quite as appealing – but it’ll be so worth it when you see all the stunning colours or peaceful dawn light that can fill the early morning sky.

  1. Shoot portraits of strangers

It can seem daunting and embarrassing approaching strangers for a photo so it is key to be warm and welcoming. Of course, most people don’t want to be stopped for long if they’re rushing off for coffee or to meet a friend so learn to work quickly.

  1. Stalk your local critters

Whether it’s rabbits, squirrels, birds or deer, choose a species that lives close to you and is accessible. Spend a couple of days photographing this one animal from all different distances and angles before deciding which you like most, keeping just 3 photos.

  1. Photograph your daily commute

Sometimes our commute feels quite lacklustre and dull, however photographing the mundane encourages you to search for the mundane in the everyday and you may actually surprise yourself with how things turn out.

  1. Photograph in all types of weather

Practice is key when it comes to photography and what works best. You don’t want to be trying out different camera options when you’re in the middle of a tropical rainstorm so get out in the British wet weather to test out different options first. Playing with different weather “moods” is worth trying out before you go abroad.

  1. Switch to black and white

You’ll be surprised how much effect monochrome has on photos, completely changing the tone of the environment. Areas of texture and different lights coupled with shade work really well in black and White. 

  1. Capture local landmarks

The trick here is to find a fresh new angle – pretend you’re taking photos for a travel magazine. So make sure you capture the best angle of your local landmarks so they really stand out and look worth visiting.

  1. Take a different train journey

Take photos of the whole journey, from the platform all the way to your destination. As this is not a familiar journey to you, you’ll be more aware of what is going on around you and some sights you wouldn’t usually notice on your usual journey. Tell the story of your journey.

10.  Photography a ‘day in the life’

This could be anyone from your local and everyday environment. Pick familiar people such as the postman or baker and capture their everyday routine. Village or big city life are equally inspiring when it comes to capturing the personality of different people while they go about their daily work.

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