Timeshare Key Facts and Figures

Some key facts and figures about Timeshare

* There are close to 7 million timeshare owners worldwide, 1.45 million of whom live in Europe

* The average timeshare owner is a mature and experienced traveller, taking at least 3 holidays a year

* Over 200 families buy timeshare in Europe every day – that’s 80,000 a year

* There are 5,500 timeshare resorts worldwide and 1,500 of these are in Europe

* Timeshare resorts can be found in almost 100 countries round the world

* Half a million families in Europe use the exchange systems each year

* A former OTE survey of 30,000 European owners revealed that 7 out of 10 would recommend timeshare to others

* 96% of European timeshare owners say that timeshare is a better experience than other self catering holidays

* And 97% say that timeshare resorts are as good as or better than hotel accommodation

* Timeshare contributes €10 billion each year to the European economy

* With high occupancy levels of 80%, timeshare resorts provide year-round employment

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