The Dominican Republic named Caribbean Destination of the Year

Caribbean fans will be happy to hear that has announced the winner of its annual Top Destination of the Year, Caribbean award – and this year, the award goes to the Dominican Republic.

The destination topped the rest of the competition which was based on each Caribbean country’s overall performance – and it turns out the Dominican Republic was a clear favourite.

Once a relatively “new” place to discover, the Dominican Republic welcomed a record 4.6 million visitors in 2013 and received a 33 percent increase in demand, making it the top growing market in the Caribbean in the past twelve months.

It’s clearly a favourite with US travellers in particular – over 1.5 million Americans travelled to Dominican shores in the past year, making up a third of all tourist arrivals.

The destination offers a unique mix of breathtaking natural scenery and exotic, vibrant culture and if you’re planning on booking a timeshare break in the region for the first time soon, you’ll notice a number of new hotel brands, attractions, modernised roads, cruise ports and more, all popping up, and all of which are part of the Ministry of Tourism’s plans to further boost the destination as one of the big players in the Caribbean leisure industry.

Haven’t been yet? 

5 Reasons to Discover The Dominican Republic

1.    The beach!

From quiet to active, from snorkeling to lazy sun-lounging, its beaches are famed for their fine sand and clear waters.

2.    Getting in to the rhythm of things – how’s your merengue?

If the local music doesn’t get you moving…nothing will!

3.   Santo Domingo, the capital.

Founded back in 1496 by Bartolome Columbus, Christopher Columbus’s brother, it’s full of great museums, peaceful parks, historical buildings and there are enough clubs, casinos and cafes to keep you entered for a month, let alone a week (and yes there’s a merengue festival, in summer!)

4.   Welcome to your eco-paradise.

Biodiverse and very “eco”, it’s an eco-lover’s dream.  Whether you’re whitewater rafting, hiking or exploring the jungle, if you really want to get up close with nature and the local wildlife, The Dominican Republic has it all.

5.   The food, the fresh fruit juice…and the rum!

Famous worldwide for its Latin-influenced Caribbean cuisine, you can’t leave without sampling some (all?) of the local rice and fish dishes.  From Spanish paella to West African fufu – and Dominican-style Jonnycakes,  the local menus are both delicious and eclectic.

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