Will London Riots Damage UK Tourism?

With foreign newspapers comparing the unrest in parts of London to the uprisings during the race riots in Brixton in the ‘80s, some fear UK tourism may suffer, particularly with the Olympics only one year off.

Mary Rance, chief executive of UK Inbound, which represents Britain’s inbound tourism businesses said today: “The riots of the past few days, particularly in London, are most unfortunate for the global image of the UK – and not just ahead of the Olympics but for the country’s short term and long term inbound tourism industry. London is still one of the greatest cities in the world with an enviable record of safety and it’s important we stress that these developments are not typical.”

The UK is seen as a world-class destination rich in history, with vibrant city life and urban attractions, offering a great mix of history and modernity.

The official UK tourist agency, VisitBritain, said: “It is important to recognise that these isolated incidents are occurring away from key visitor attractions around the UK.

“Transport services, including inbound flights, are all running a good service and major tourist attractions across London and the rest of Britain remain open and unaffected, meaning international visitors can continue to enjoy the UK as per usual.”

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