Public Sector Strike – The Impact

Strike action by teachers, hospital, transport and UK border control staff, among others, will impact a vast range of services on Wednesday November 30th. One MP is even calling for Heathrow airport to be closed for the day, but Home Office minister Lord Henley says border control will remain tight despite staff shortage problems as contingency plans to draft in contractors and temporary fill-in staff swing into action tonight.

Some of the worst hit transport hubs will be:

London – Hundreds of UK Border Agency workers are expected to take part, affecting all major UK airports including Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, London City, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Easst Midlands and more. Etihad Airways and Aegean Airlines have already cancelled some services into Heathrow. Belfast Airport expects to be relatively unaffected but one of Manchester’s three terminals may close, leaving it without half the necessary staff to process passport checks.

The Civil Servants’ union, FDA, is striking for the first time and diplomats and policy advisers will be among those joining the picket line outside Whitehall in London.

In Dover, the main ferry port is taking on staff from overseas posts as well as training managers and outside contractors to handle the inflow of passengers arriving by sea, and Cowes floating bridge in the Isle of Wight will close, as will the Torpoint Ferry in Plymouth.

School and day centre closures will add to the problems and in Scotland, 3,000 operations are being postponed as some major city centre hospitals operate Sunday services.

At the Houses of Parliament, caterers, cleaners and security staff will join the walkout.

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