A Jubilee Year for Club La Costa

As we move closer to the end of another year, innovation, flexibility and resilience are three qualities that have been pivotal in keeping the shared ownership and hotel industries buoyant during an unusually challenging year.

2010 has been a busy one for European resort developer Club La Costa Resorts & Hotels. Last year, twenty-five years after Chairman Roy Peires founded the company in 1984, CLC staff and members were celebrating a Club La Costa landmark: the group’s Silver Jubilee (1984-2009).

This year, Turkey is featuring heavily on the holiday and overseas property menu. Spot-on when it comes to hand-picking new developments in new destinations, the CLC spotlight has been on Turkey this year as the company continues to develop resorts and holiday homes in the region.

Giving Spain a run for its money, Turkey’s resorts (not least along the Aegean coast) are booming, overseas property sales are thriving, and the success of Club La Costa’s Apollonium Spa & Beach Resort, a luxury oasis at Bozbuk Bay http://apollonium.clublacosta.com/ is testament to the fact that tourists love Turkey and Turkey loves tourists.

In 2012, CLC will open a brand new resort, Kusadasi Golf & Spa (also on the Aegean Coast) which will be a first for both Turkey and Club La Costa. The “whole-in-one” mixed use residential golf resort has its own 18-hole golf course, spa, shops, sports facilities and onsite restaurants and will comprise holiday homes for purchase and vacation use.

“Turkey is a great destination for us,” says Roy Peires. “The bonus of a golf course adds something new to the diversity of holiday experiences we offer and which we are continually seeking to expand.”

Kusadasi Golf & Spa offers panoramic views across the Aegean to the Greek island of Samos.

The Aegean Sea is also proving a popular base for the Club La Costa Yacht Club (Mallorca is its original base and it also offers Red Sea sailings): the club recently expanded its itinerary across the Aegean from its Turkish coast to the Greek islands. Its catamarans sail to islands many holidays don’t reach, such as Pserimos, Kalymnos and Leros and popular Kos, once used by the kings of Egypt as an outpost for their navy to watch over the Aegean.

For more information about Club La Costa, visit www.clublacosta.com

The Club La Costa Yacht Club: www.clublacostayachtclub.com

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