Top Things to do in Berlin while the city celebrates 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

History loving timeshare owners searching for a city break with a difference should head to Germany this autumn – specifically Berlin – to join in the city’s landmark celebrations.

The capital city which reunited modern Germany is celebrating 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall. From 7-9 November, a whole host of events and activities will be held to mark the huge milestone.

The centre of the commemoration will include an amazing visual experience, a “border of light” when  8,000 balloons will be illuminated along 15 kilometres of the former border on November 9th.

Between Bornholmer Strasse and Oberbaumbrucke, balloons will be released into the sky to symbolise the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the city’s division.

Meanwhile, display boards posted along the former border will also tell the individual stories of those who tried to cross the border during the wall’s poignant history.

There will also be commemorative events and music concerts to enjoy during the celebrations.

Burkhard Kieker, CEO of visitBerlin, said it was a chance to celebrate modern history.

Kieker added: “Even in this age of virtual reality, people want to see the actual spots where history was made.”

Here are five things you won’t want to miss while you explore this unforgettable city:

1) Visit the Zoologischer Garten and Aquarium in the Tiergarten. This is the most popular zoo in Europe and the oldest zoo in Germany.  Its doors opened in 1841 on the site of the King Frederick William IV’s pheasantry.

2) Take a Photoautomaten selfie.  Berlin’s famous Photoautomaten booths are open all day and night and they’re all around the city, so hop in, draw back the curtain, give the camera your best poses and wait for your black and white photos to pop out, a fun reminder of your trip to Berlin.

3) Grab a bargain  in Mauer Park. One of Berlin’s most popular green spaces is this long strip by Prenzlauer Berg’s Mauer Park. Visit on Sunday when the weekly flea market takes place – you’ll find bicycles, souvenirs, records, clothes, food, pianos and furniture…and more than a few unusual vintage surprises!

4) Walk the Berlin Wall.  Technically of course the wall has come down, but you can still visit Checkpoint Charlie the famous east-west border control which is now a tourist attraction, and you can actually walk the restored the stretch of the wall along the southern border of Wedding and Mitte.

5) See the only royal residency in the city. In west Berlin, you’ll find a romantic mini-Versailles, the beautiful palace and landscaped gardens of Schloss Charlottenburg. Built as a summer retreat for Queen Sophie-Charlotte by her husband Friedrich I, the first king of Prussian, it was named after Charlotte when she died.


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