Three of the best Festivals in France this September

From the beautiful vineyards to its charming local festivals and national celebrations, autumn is one of the best times to visit France. And if you’ve booked a visit to a timeshare resort in this beautiful country this September, “oui” think you might want to take in one of these three fantastic festivals while you’re there.

1)   International Garden Festival, Chaumont-sur-Loire

Each year at the estate of Chaumont-sur-Loire, some of the world’s best landscape artists gather to create some truly breathtaking gardens. Expect some innovative and spectacular designs – which are created to be at their most beautiful in autumn – then take a guided tour to learn all about the area and its natural beauty. More info and dates at:

2)   European Heritage Days

On the third weekend in September every year, the European Heritage Days take place to celebrate France’s love of history, art and culture. Take your pick from architectural masterpieces,breathtaking parks and gardens, historical sites and military heritage. These days are the perfect chance for tourists to learn about France’s most famous public buildings, including the Elysee Palace, town halls and theatres, as well as private villas and castles, which open their doors in honour of this occasion.

3)   Musica Festival, Strasbourg

From 26th September until the start of October, Strasbourg comes alive with the sound of music. Expect to hear the chimes of contemporary classic music created in a unique and fresh way. The Musica Festival is perfect for seasoned music lovers, beginners, or anyone looking to appreciate some of the world’s most renowned artists.


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