Sol Melia changes name to Melia Hotels International

It’s the third largest hotel group in Europe, twelfth worldwide

Spain’s leading hotel chain Sol Melia has changed its name to Melia Hotels International.

The new name took effect on 3 June and marks a new era for the company which has managed to ride the recession remarkably well. Its Vacation Club is one of the best-known names in the timeshare industry, with luxury resorts in Europe, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Club Melia offers VIP access to Melia Hotels International’s properties as parts of its flexible membership plan.

The name change is part of Melia Hotels International’s global expansion strategy and the new brand name was unveiled at the Madrid Stock Exchange when Gabriel Escarrer, Melia’s CEO, rang the bell to open the first day of trading for the hotel chain under its new name.

Escarrer founded the Melia brand when he was just 21, in Palma de Mallorca in 1956. The portfolio of properties grew as he added other hotels in the Balearic and Canary Islands in the ‘60s and ‘70s and today Melia is ranked third in Europe twelfth in the world. Although the group is publicly traded, the Escarrer family still owns a clear majority share in the company.

Melia has defined a new Strategic Plan for the next three years, and will focus on widening its positioning internationally, developing its hotel management capacity and continuing to improve its sustainability.

The group announced it is creating two new business areas: Asia Pacific and Real Estate, which will lead the growth in the region and maximise returns on company assets.

This new era in the hotel brand’s history also includes a renewal of the company’s mission, culture and values, which are now defined as “Vocation for Service, Excellence, Innovation, Proximity and Coherence”, all priorities for the brand.

During his speech at Madrid’s stock exchange, Gabriel Escarrer retraced the company’s evolution since its foundation in 1956, and highlighted the company’s growth in the diverse international markets where it has a presence today – reflected in the new name “Melia Hotels International”, and he also outlined the acquisition and creation of the hotel brands which today make up its portfolio.

Escarrer stressed that Melia’s vision, building on its success as it looks to the future, included "earning a position amongst the world’s leading hotel companies and being seen as a world leader in excellence, responsibility and sustainability".

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