A bumper first half for Spain (again!)

Europe’s top timeshare destination Spain has recorded its highest visitor numbers to date in the first six months of 2013.

Over 34 million international tourists have visited the country, making it the highest figure on record, government statistics have revealed.

Compared to last year, almost 3% more tourists travelled to Spain during the first half of this year – a total of 7.9 million international visitors – so the figures are good news for everyone involved in Spanish tourism, including the timeshare industry.
British visitors, specifically, were up 3.4% yearly in July 2013 and this busy period accounted for almost a quarter (23.3%) of all international visitors.

Catalonia has turned out to be – perhaps surprisingly – the most popular tourist destination in Spain in July.  No less than 2.1 million tourists (a rise of 3.1%) arrived to savour its special culture and the region captured more than a quarter (26.7%) of all international tourists to Spain last month.

Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands – another top timeshare destination – weren’t far behind Catalonia, however.  They received over 2 million international tourists (up 1.7%) with Germany, the UK, the Nordic countries and Russia all contributing positively to this growth.

But it was Andalucía that saw the largest year-on-year rise in international tourist visits last month.  It welcomed almost 1 million tourists (up 8.5%) in July, with the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom accounting for the majority of this rise.  Not surprisingly, both Malaga and Palma de Mallorca international airports are among Spain’s busiest, particularly during the peak summer period.

Another timeshare favourite (especially in the winter months) the Canary Islands received over 840,000 visitors (up 2.7%), with mainly UK and Scandinavian tourists accounting for the majority of visitors.

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