Malaga village is painted blue to celebrate the new Smurfs movie

Malaga is famous for its “pueblo blancos”, the little white villages dotted across Andalucia’s mountains. But now Sony Studios have painted Juzcar, near Ronda in Malaga, bright blue, to celebrate the upcoming release of the new Smurf movie.

Juzcar is the world’s first Smurf Village and was chosen by Sony as the location for the film’s premiere. It took a dozen painters and over 4,000 ligres of bright blue paint – that almost matches southern Spain’s bright blue sky – to paint over the village’s traditional white houses and turn them into blue Smurf homes.

If you miss the movie, you can still visit Smurf Village which is 113 kilometres from Malaga, which stays blue until September. After that, Sony will repaint the whole village white again.

“The Smurfs 3D” is released next month, and it’s a comedy hybrid of live action and animation, where the little blue creatures mingle with real life actors. It’s release in the UK on 29th July. from Ronda and

Meanwhile, until September, the 160 Juzcarenos who live in the village (especially the children) are said to be enjoying the publicity and their brand new blue look!

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