London’s black cabbies voted best taxi drivers in the world


A taxi ride is part of most people’s experiences when travelling, and the life of the taxi driver has often been immortalised in film – The Taxi Driver with Robert de Niro springs to mind, on the top of the list?


Now it’s London’s cabbies who deserve a share of the spotlight after the capital’s black cab drivers were voted the best taxi drivers – and the friendliest – in the world.


The annual global taxi survey from saw London’s cabbies crowned number one for the sixth year in a row. They secured an impressive 22% of the votes, a clear runaway winner.


Second place was awarded to New York’s drivers with 10% and Tokyo with 9% of the overall votes rolled into third place.


Meanwhile, Berlin reclaims its position in the top five list in fourth place with, with Madrid, Mexico City and Amsterdam in joint fifth.


Of the 30 countries surveyed, London’s taxis topped the list across five of the seven categories, including cleanliness, knowledge of the area and quality of driving.


While London cabs were also voted top for friendliness, it was this category that was deemed the least important to travellers.


Almost a quarter of respondents (23%) voted safety as their number one priority when travelling by taxi, which London’s cabs also ranked highest on.


Meanwhile, New York and Bangkok taxis came joint first in terms of value for money, while Manhattan’s instantly recognisable yellow taxis grabbed the top spot when it came to availability (as anyone who’s tried to hail a London cab at rush hour in the rain will appreciate!)


The most popular activities in the back of a cab were texting, sleeping and then eating (kissing came fourth), and sharing a cab, fifth.



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