Where is it hot in February? GoTimeshare rounds up the warmest destinations an easy flight from the UK

If you want hot weather in February but don’t fancy spending half your holiday “getting there”,  which destinations have the longest guaranteed sunlight hours – those places where you can really warm up on the sun-lounger?


Malaga and The Canaries

While top timeshare favourite Malaga is always tempting with temperatures between about 16C and 23C, the Canary islands are an even safer bet if you’ve set your heart on a dry, sun-soaked getaway. Flights are just a little longer than services to Malaga and the Canaries have a reputation for enjoying a more stable climate than Andalucia in winter months.

Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura have all been hovering nicely in the 20’s since Christmas and night temps on the islands are normally milder than in most parts of the southern Mediterranean and even parts of Morocco.

Mystical Marrakech

For a more exotic holiday a mere 3.5 hrs from the UK, Marrakech’s pink city is hard to beat!  You’ll even catch a glimpse of snow on the High Atlas Mountains against a deep azure sky, although if you can wait till spring, this is pretty much the perfect time to go. Night time temperatures start to warm up and while English crocuses are still pushing their way out of frozen ground, Marrakech is scented with orange and jasmine blossoms. The orange juice in Morocco is legendary – one delicious way to get your Vitamin C hit for the day!

Take a warm jacket, though, because when the sun sets you’ll be off that sunlounger in 60 seconds, the minute the cool night air sets in – it’ll be time to wrap up for a night out on the town.  And because Marrakech lies quite far south, almost parrallel with the Canaries, the days are about 3 hours longer than Britain’s. Spring arrives much earlier, too, with beautiful wild flower blooms around in late February and early March.

Exotic Egypt

Slightly further away, a five hour flight from the UK, lies Egypt.  While the sun sets at around 4.30pm in the UK, Egypt’s enjoying eight hours of sun a day. You can snorkel the day away at one of the Red Sea resorts and bask on the beach in temps touching the mid-20s, more than respectable for mid winter!

Mesmerising Oman

Feeling more adventurous? February is a great month to explore the dramatic landscapes of Oman, a beautiful country where you can find remote beaches, historic forts and villages, vast desert dunes and authentic Arabian hospitality. Better still, you can look forward to temperatures of 25°C and 9 hours of sunshine.

For a full on experience, book a desert hike, swim in the Dead Sea and don’t miss the amazing rock-carved city of Petra.

What’s your favourite February hotspot? Tweet us at @GoTimeshare with your tips and pics!

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