The GoTimeshare Guide to the Top of the Timeshare Hotspots for Winter 2014/15


Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica, Aruba…everyone has their favourite Caribbean destination and at this time of year these relaxed, easy going islands are always among the most tempting timeshare getaways – no matter which one you head for.

If you own points but have never considered a cruise, a number of timeshare specialists like Club La Costa’s dedicated Travel Club can guide you through various cruise itineraries and dates to suit your schedule and lifestyle, to find exactly the right Caribbean cruise for you.


Another British favourite – this time closer to home, Cyprus’s mix of ancient history, great beaches and nightlife means it never disappoints.  Most timeshare resorts in Cyprus tend to be located toward the west coast, in-and-around Paphos, and some of the best known include Panareti’s Royal Coral Bay and Les Villas at Le Meridien.  Temperatures in winter are mild enough to enjoy the outdoors sunshine, making it a good choice for those who don’t fancy flying long haul in search of sun-soaked beaches.


The Big Orange is famous the world over for being America’s sunshine state and if you have youngsters to entertain, the theme parks of Orlando provide the perfect backdrop for an action-packed family holiday.  You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to timeshare resorts – Florida has a superb selection and there’s never a bad time to go when it comes to the weather.


Not quite a warm as the Canaries – and often wetter – Madeira, the  jewel off the Atlantic coast of Africa approximately 300 miles north of the Canary Islands, Madeira is famed for beautiful scenery, quaint villages and, of course, the wine! With a unique charm and pleasant year-round climate, Madeira continues to attract holidaymakers seeking a more refined holiday destination. Popular resorts in Madeira include the Royal Savoy and Pestana Grand Hotel, where you can forget all about winter while you soak up all that southern Atlantic sunshine!


Basking in the Mediterranean sun with crystal clear waters, Malta is steeped in ancient history and boasts some of the oldest megalithic temples known to man.  Must-see sights include the capital city of Valetta and honey coloured medieval town of Mdina. One of Malta’s top timeshare resorts is Island Residence Club at SAS Golden Sands and Malta is a wise destination choice if you’re one of those people who get bored of a beach-centric, sunlounger-only holiday and prefer shopping and exploring charming local villages and towns.


With its orange-hued coastline and less crowded feel than southern Spain, the Algarve in Portugal is famed for having some of the best-in-class beaches in Europe. Surfers will love the rugged Atlantic coast, while most UK timeshare owners tend to make a beeline for the quiet, relaxing Algarve coast. This is where golf really comes into its own during the mild Algarve afternoons and there’s a huge range of timeshare resorts on offer (whether you become a timeshare owner or want to exchange your usual week in Cornwall with a warmer week in Portugal!) Resorts like Pestana’s, Club La Costa’s and the Four Seasons Vilamoura have all garnered rave reviews and the Algarve is hard to beat if your dream break includes lashings of relaxation with a capital R, good food and tranquil, picturesque scenery.

The Canary Islands

Where does the sun spend winter?  Easy answer! You’ll find temperatures in the low to mid 20Cs, guaranteed winter sun and plenty to occupy the whole family from granny to new grandaughter on the Canary Islands’ three most popular islands – Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. Places to stay, to look at, include properties run by top timeshare developer Holiday Club Resorts and it’s worth reading up on each island because there are many that make up this sun-blessed group, each with its very own unique landscape and character.


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