Free Onboard Electric Car Chargers On Irish Ferries

Irish Ferries and Irish-based ESB ecars have joined forces to make electric and hybrid car travel to and from Ireland from the UK a reality.

A dedicated electric car charging area is now available on Irish Ferries’ Ulysses flagship ferry, so that motorists can recharge their cars during the crossing from Holyhead to Dublin.

Daragh O’Reilly, Marketing Manager for Irish Ferries said, “The development extends the horizon for electric car and hybrid motorists who can now recharge not only their own batteries on our comfortable ferries, but also their car batteries!”

Speaking at the launch, Paul Mulvaney, Managing Director ESB ecars said, “As part of the rollout of electric car charge points, this new development of onboard charging extends the infrastructure to enable electric car drivers to travel more widely. The availabilty of charge points in a wide variety of convenient locations will help to further promote the adoption of electric cars in the UK and in Ireland.”

Drivers of electric and hybrid cars will also find the free charging points on Irish Ferries’ routes between Ireland and France (from Rosslare in Ireland to Roscoff and Cherbourg) and will be extended to the rest of the fleet in the future.

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