Forget Parrots, Finland’s getting a new Angry Birds Park!

The world’s largest Angry Birds activity park is set to open in Vuokatti in Finland this December, Holiday Club Resorts has confirmed.

Leading timeshare specialists HCR (the main partner of Vuokatti SuperPark Oy, developers of the new park) have invested 75 million euros in the project.

In addition to an Angry Birds themed section, the open-all-year-round indoor park is to have its own sports world so visitors can enjoy their favourite sports whatever the weather outside and there will also be a freestyle area suitable for skateboarding and BMX biking.

The scale of the project is massive. The activity park will be constructed within the 8,700-square-metre Incap industrial estate, with almost half the park area occupied by those famous birds and pigs from Angry Birds who’ll be there to provide entertainment, encouraging visitors to play.

The park is being constructed by Lappset Group Oy, one of the leading manufacturers of exercise and playground equipment in the world.

“The Angry Birds activity park in Vuokatti is the largest local project we have delivered so far,” says Sales and Marketing Director Johan Granholm of Lappset Group Oy. “We are enthusiastic about participating in the construction of an entire park that is unique within its size category.

Angry Birds, developed by Rovio Entertainment Oy, is the best selling mobile game in the world.

“We are pleased that the world’s current largest Angry Birds activity park will be built in Rovio’s native country”, says Chief Marketing Officer Peter Vesterbacka from Rovio Entertainment Oy.
Around 1.2 million people visit Vuokatti every year, and approximately 900,000 accommodation nights accumulate each year. The resort is due to reach an accommodation capacity of 8,500 beds this year.

The companies behind the Vuokatti project want to enhance the diversity of experiential and tourism services available in the region not just in high season but year round – as well as increasing the types and number of services available to families holidaying in the area.

The main partner of Vuokatti SuperPark Oy, Holiday Club Resorts, says the new Angry Birds Theme Park will be a fantastic addition to the services offered by the nearby Holiday Club Katinkulta.

“Holiday Club Resorts has invested 75 million euros in Vuokatti. Thanks to the development of the area, we can keep investing in Katinkulta in the years to come. We consider it important to support endeavours such as the activity park”, stresses Vesa Tengman, CEO of Holiday Club Resorts Oy.

The developers hope that the Park will attract domestic as well as international visitors

“At the moment, this is the only Angry Birds indoor activity park of equivalent scale and concept in the world, which makes Vuokatti a unique resort”, says Juha Tanskanen, Chairman of the Board of Vuokatti SuperPark Oy.

The new Angry Birds Park will be completed this December, with three additional venues to be announced in October.

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