Floga Classes open at Gatwick Airport…would you take one?

Nervous flyer? Then celebrity yoga teacher Shona Vertue’s new yoga classes at Gatwick could be just what the doctor ordered.

The new class has just launched at the airport’s south terminal, and it’s a free service for passengers before they board long-haul flights.

The yoga class – or “floga” as it’s dubbed –  is a 20-minute video shown on the loop, with instructions on how to perform moves that will aid digestion, stress and circulation.

Shona is well known in celebrity circles, having worked with stars such as Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia and Dutch supermodel Lara Stone. She came up with the name “floga” for “pre-flight yoga”.

Shona, who is also Australian, says she developed the video because she herself is a frequent and nervous flyer and knows how much stress it puts on the body – particularly the digestive system and circulation.

“If you address that before the flight you will obviously feel so much better when you get off the plane.

The new “floga” lounge is the first to land in a UK airport but it’s not the first in the world – it was inspired by a service at San Francisco International.

Nikki Barton, Gatwick’s head of terminals and passenger services, said: “This will be a great way to help individuals de-stress and unwind before a flight.”

Shona advises: “The two main things that get really inhibited while flying are digestion and circulation. Digestion is affected by flying mainly because of dehydration but also because the system needs movement to work properly.

“A yoga work-out before boarding a flight will help passengers relax their minds and their bodies, turning what can be a stressful experience into a more enjoyable and relaxing one.”

When you consider that deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is already a well known risk for flyers, especially on long-haul flights, and that a surprisingly large percentage of fliers (even if they fly frequently) are anxious, floga could take off big time.  And for yoga enthusiasts, Gatwick’s new floga lounge will give them a place to practice during that boring pre-boarding wait which can be so stressful for anyone who suffers from fear of flying. If nothing else, 20 minutes of floga could help calm those pre-flight nerves.

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