Fancy a night out at the world's first underwater nightclub? Welcome to the Maldives…

Why do “ordinary” when you could do “extraordinary”?

Surreal as it may sound, the world’s first ever sub-ocean nightclub, Subsix at PER AQUUN Niyama in the Maldives, has re-launched with a whole new sub-aquatic look and feel.

And there’s lots going on in the sublime underwater playground…

Sit back and watch the reef sharks gather for their evening meal, pop in for a champagne breakfast or exchange vows while you’re both submerged in the Indian Ocean.

Subsix’s name comes from the fact that the extraordinary venue lies six metres below the ocean’s waterline. It first opened back in 2012 but it’s now more stunning than ever thanks to a redesign – the “wet set” the new “jet set”!

Designers Poole Associates have drawn inspiration from the aquatic surroundings for the whole new space, inviting guests to dive beneath the surface for a night never to be forgotten.

Tempted? First you’ll arrive via speedboat then you’ll make your way down a dramatic 3-tier staircase into a shimmering showcase of the Big Blue.

Italian chandeliers add glamour to the luminous underwater surreal feel, sparkling overhead like luxe stars skimming the ocean’s surface, while strand upon strand of capiz shells drape the entire below-the-ocean ceiling.

Everything here is a magical ode to the sea, from the silver-panelled columns throughout the club inspired by ribbed manta ray gills, to the larger than life “clam” bar. Fluidity is everyhere: liquid curves and a “big blue” feel dominate, from armchairs like sea anemonies to the floor to ceiling windows which magnify the unobstructed view of the marine life outside which reflects back at you like one big wondrous underwater movie…only it’s real.

In these Maldives waters, no less than 90 coral reef species inhabit the ocean…you’ll see parrotfish, butterfly fish and damsel fish, a Hawksbill turtle and moray eels.  A sea of underwater shapes and colours, all centred around the natural lagoon.

So you can make the most of the dreamlike setting, Subsix hosts a variety of celebrations including weddings, wine tastings, and a weekly Glow Party and DJ sessions.

As PER AQUUM Niyama’s General Manager Dietmar Koegerl elaborates: “Subsix is the closest you can get to the reef without a mask or a wetsuit. Guests fell so in love with the setting from the start that we knew we had hit on something special and had to take it to the next level.”

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