Easter holiday bargains galore in store, as pound stays strong against euro

Timeshare owners heading to Eurozone countries for Easter will see their spending money last longer as the pound stays strong against the euro, with Crete, the Algarve and Marbella firm favourites as the sun warms up in southern Europe.

Holidaymakers will get around 67.5 euros (£52) more for £500 than they did last February, Post Office Travel Money says.

However, on the flip-side, experts warn that the cost of long-haul travel is rising. Britons travelling to the United States, the Caribbean, Dubai and Thailand can expect around £40 less for a £500 conversion.

Post Office Travel Money spokesman Andrew Brown said: “There is no doubt that UK tourists can look forward to getting more travel cash for their pounds this year in Europe but people planning to go further afield could get caught out by falling rates for sterling in some countries.

“The best way to avoid this is to consider a holiday swap to a resort where the pound still stretches further and check to see how prices for meals and drinks compare in a range of destinations.”

The cost of holidaying outside the UK has dropped considerably, plummeting by up to 50 per cent in Portugal’s Algarve, 39 per cent at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria and 48 per cent at the Costa del Sol in the past six years.

Portugal is three per cent cheaper than last year with Bulgaria and timeshare favourite Spain, including the Costa del Sol, dropping 11 per cent since 2014 although Corfu has crept up slightly in random “shopping basket” surveys.

In North Africa, prices in Egypt in resorts like Sharm El Sheikh dropped by seven per cent in the past 12 months with a bottle of water costing 47p, a large tube of sun cream £7.56 and a three-course meal for two under £50.

On the downside, prices in the past year have rocketed by up to 40 per cent in Barbados, 37 per cent in Mexico and three per cent in Orlando, USA.

The Good Friday holiday falls on 3 April this year in the UK, with Easter Monday on 6th. Next year it will fall earlier, on 25/28 March, with a very late Easter in 2017, when holiday dates will be the 15th and 17th of April.


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