And 2015’s most Googled Travel Destinations are…?

Did you spend your timeshare holiday this year in one of the UK’s most Googled destinations? 

Chances are you may have, taking a look at the results table.So which destinations made the top ten? Working from the number 10 spot to the number one destination of 2015, here are the destinations most researched by Britons this year.

Starting with timeshare favourite Tenerife in at no. 10…closely followed by:

No. 9 – Greece. 

Great news for Greece, which didn’t feature in the top ten last year, and proof that confidence in this destination is growing stronger again after the country’s recent economic woes.

If you’re heading to Greece in early 2016, remember that it’s the southern most islands that are the warmest, for example Crete is a good bet while Corfu can be rainy in winter.

No. 8 – Amsterdam

One of our favourite city breaks, Amsterdam, makes it into the eighth slot this year, up two places from no. 10 last year.  With quick and economical flights to Schipol airport, it’s hardly surprising that this charming “village of a city” made the cut again.  Wrap up warm and take a canal cruise, or enjoy a breakfast in the sunshine at one of the pavement cafes, fuelling up on Dutch brown bread, cheese, ham and honey and a strong cup of coffee before walking your way through the city.  This is one of Europe’s most pedestrianised cities, making it a delight to visit and even more fun on a bike!

No. 7 – Italy

For some of us it’s a tough call between Greece and Italy as both countries have so much to offer and such a varied climate, from north to south.  But Italy takes the number seven slot, it’s a paradise for foodies, its beaches are often under-rated, and when it comes to designer style, this country has it in spades.  Pack light so you can bring back Italian deli streets – a giant size Panettone is a must at Christmas.

No. 6 – Dubai

There’s no doubt that Dubai’s extremely busy airport receives a high number of Brits looking for sunshine while everyone in the UK is freezing their socks off.  Timeshare took off quite recently in this destination and there’s a fantastic choice of stylish apartment.  It’s a larger than life city, rather like an Arabic-style Vegas in some respects.  The shopping is superb, the urban beaches are beautiful and the only word of advice would be don’t go there in summer – temperatures soar into the 40s so the heat is not for the faint-hearted. And Dubai’s night-time skyline is absolutely stunning.

No. 5 – Cornwall

Let’s hear it for one of the UK’s prettiest spots at number five…Cornwall! This is the UK’s most popular timeshare destination, along with the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District and Devon and the beaches rival the best in neighbouring France.  If you’re going next year, make sure you get across to the Scilly Isles, which are equally picturesque and well worth a visit.  Did you know Cornwall even has its own Camel Valley champagne? And you can’t leave without tucking into some fish and chips in the pretty harbour of Padstow, or a slap-up meal at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant on that surfer’s favourite spot, Watergate Bay.

No. 4 – Spain

You wouldn’t be far off if you thought Spain would make the No. 1 slot but it’s the fourth most Googled destination by Brits this year. Timeshare took off here before spreading to other European destinations and it’s still, to this day, a very firm favourite.  From the less known Costa de la Luz on the Atlantic Coast to Malaga, Marbella and Alicante, Spain has an endless array of beaches to choose from but it’s the distinctive local cultures that make it so fascinating.  A week in Granada, with its beautiful Alhambra and Moorish feel, has a completely different flavour to Marbella, for example, so if you always return to the same spot, why not try a new location next year?

No. 3 – Australia

Long haul destination Australia made the top three this year, probably because so many of us have friends and family over there and their summer is our winter, so it makes for a great winter sun escape.

No. 2 – USA

Almost the top spot…but not quite! The USA’s diversity of destinations and long driving distances mean it’s one of those countries you’re going to want to visit when you’ve got enough time. Even the drive from LA to San Francisco takes some time – and the California coast is the place to head for if you’re looking for beach culture, great food and friendly locals.  On the other hand, nowhere beats New York for a festive feel, this city really comes into its own in winter with crisp blue skies and endless stores for a shopping blow-out. While you’ll find the athletes, bikini crowd and lounge lizards down in Florida, where the sun shines year round and it never gets cold.

No. 1 – New York

Last year’s winner was Paris, but the city has been in the news a lot during 2015 and because of those events, bookings have dropped.  Taking its place instead is American favourite New York.  It’s easier to get to the Big Apple than to LA and there’s nowhere in the world quite like it – beautiful in spring, autumn and even winter, but a little too hot and too crowded in summer for some. The pace here is energising and addictive, and few cities can boast such a cast of characters and when you need to get away, just grab a delicious deli sandwich and head for the soothing green foliage of Central Park…


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