5 Secret Places You've (Probably) Never Seen in Lanzarote

It’s such an extraordinary island and it’s been a timeshare favourite for many years, but even if you’ve been visiting frequently, there are some parts of the island not many holidaymakers reach.  But they’re worth knowing about – especially for the views!

Mirador de Guinate

Never heard of it? You won’t be the only one. To get there, take the main road from Haria to the Mirador del Rio and turn left when you see the sign for Guinate Tropical Park.  Follow the road through the village until you exit it – you’ll get to a dead end which leads to a parking area.  This car park offers amazing views of La Graciosa as well as the salt pans and the beach below the Mirador, and it’s a lovely spot to escape to when you just want to head off to somewhere quieter.


Many of the houses here are virtual ruins, although some people still inhabit this village and some arrive just at weekend.  It’s got quite an intriguing atmosphere so it’s worth going to have a look.  To reach Tenesar, from the roundabout in Tinajo, turn into the town towards Timanfaya. Then, take the 3rd turning to your right by the ferreteria and follow the road until it leads you to a dirt track.  Don’t stop there – continue on, descending, and you’ll reach the mysterious lost village of Tenesar.

The Bosquecillo

Bosquecillo means “grove” or little forest, and this one is another Lanzarote secret. If you’re at the top of the hill above Haria near the radar station, this is where you’ll find it.  To get there you need to access a rough dirt track (there are no signs).  Eventually you’ll suddenly get to an area with trees and picnic tables for the public.  This is a place the locals know about but holidaymakers might not! When it comes to views, the panorama down to Famara from the top of the cliffs are pretty award-winning!

Playa Quemada

Playa Quemada means “burnt beach” and it’s by the next village along the coast from Puerto Calero. but very different. There’s just one road to take you in and out and there’s not much to see but it’s worth the trip for the food.  There’s a sprinkling of a few dozen homes and three little fish restaurants – well worth a visit on a Saturday lunchtime.

Charco del Palo Naturist Village

Many islands have naturist beaches but Lanzarote has a naturist village. To get to Charco del Paro you take the old LZ1 road towards the Cactus Gardens and in Mala and then take a turning to the right, past two restaurants and after following the road to the coast you’ll reach it. Remember you’re visiting a naturist village, so if someone in your group finds it uncomfortable, you might not want to explore further. If you do go, remember not to take photos and respect those living and holidaying here.

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