5 Reasons to visit Sardinia this Autumn

With its azure seas, beautiful sand, sizzling temperatures and out of this world food, Sardinia is one holiday hotspot that is crying out to be visited. Yet if you missed the boat earlier this summer, fret not! September or October are one of the best times to visit this stunning island.

Here’s why Sardinia is on 2015’s dream destination list this Autumn:

1)    Cheap Travel Fares

In peak season, you will need to book your tickets way in advance to find good availability. However, in September/October, it’s fine to book your tickets last minute, and at purse-friendly prices.

Meanwhile, travelling to Sardinia by boat is one of the best ways to arrive on this lovely island. You can expect far happier prices in September – think 30 to 50 Euros for a one way ticket, or around 100 for a more luxe option.

To find and book the best deals, it’s worth visiting Traghetti line, the official website offering tickets with the main maritime companies.

2)    Deserted Beaches

It might seem like something from a dream, but it really is possible to have huge stretches of beach to yourself in Sardinia in September. Many beaches in Sardinia become deserted by the end of August, although it can still get hectic at the weekend.

3)    Budget accommodation

Sardinia is not one of the world’s foremost timeshare destinations, but whether you’re staying in a hotel or finding your own accommodation, you’ll save money if you plump for a less obviously touristy area, such as Oristano and Piscinas.

4)   Fabulous Festivals

From gastronomic festivals to religious and cultural shows, there are plenty of events to enjoy come Autumn. Rub shoulders with the locals, enjoy some truly spectacular food and party til dawn at one of the many annual extravaganzas. See http://www.discover-sardinia.com/culture/festivals.htmf

5)    Balmy Weather

While the summer temperatures can be stifling, Autumn in Sardinia sees a cooler, milder climate. There’s still plenty of sun to be enjoyed, yet it’s not so hot that you’ll be sticking to your sunbed, and it will very rarely drop below 24C. Perfect for last-minute sun worshippers!

Last but not least, did you know Sardinia is one of the world’s Blue Zones? People here live well into their 90s and stay healthy till much later in life, thanks to the great food, good local wines, relaxed way of life and wonderful weather.

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