5 reasons to stay in the UK this summer as passport crisis boosts staycation trend

Holiday bookings abroad are down by 17% this year as families search for a break closer to home due to fear of cancellation and disappointment, according to a recent report by one holiday company.

The passport crisis has led to families turning to holidays closer to home which is providing a nice boost to the UK’s rural and seasonal economy this summer.

Brits certainly aren’t missing out by staying close to home, with so much to offer from hundreds of music and arts festivals to the Tour de France.

Travel experts are heralding a landmark year for UK holidays, encouraging Brits to get out there and rediscover what Britain has to offer.

5 reasons to stay in the UK this summer:

1.      Amazing events – follow your festival dreams from Glastonbury to Glasgow. Summers in the UK are home to over 700 festivals so stay put and enjoy world-class music, sporting and cultural events.

2.      No passport needed- forget standing in queues in the airport, dealing with increased airport security or lugging children through the departures terminal, and the UK – e.g. Cornwall, which also just happens to be a British timeshare owner favourite – has beaches that rival those in the south of France.

3.      The weather – this summer is set to be cracking with lashings of sunshine and high temperatures, so there’s no need to head to the Med.

4.      Take your pets – check with your timeshare resort first, but a lot of UK resorts do accept dogs so you don’t have to leave the four-legged member of the family with the neighbours.

5.      …and NO luggage restrictions! No cramming that last pair of evening sandals into a bulging suitcase, you can pretty much take what you like.

One of the most refreshing things about staying in the UK is the breadth of accommodation choices on offer.  Resort towns in Cornwall and along the South Coast boast hotel complexes to rival those anywhere in the world making them hugely popular choices for timeshare owners from both the UK and also across the rest of Europe.

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