4 of the best value Destinations for a Winter Timeshare Holiday

With Christmas around the corner now, we’re all looking at ways to save to make up for the holiday gift splurge! If you’re considering a number of destinations for a timeshare break soon, here are four that won’t break the bank.



A favourite timeshare destination for American owners, Mexico offers guaranteed sun during winter – and reasonable prices. You can use dollars in hotels and shops but the exchange rate won’t be that favourable, so it’s best to use Mexican pesos if you can, from the cash machine instead of using money exchange services. The winter climate in the Mexican Riviera is ideal for those who “don’t do winter” and the choice of self-catering apartments is vast.  Each tourist destination, such as Cancun or Isla Mujeres has a different feel, facilities and flavour, so do your research before you go if it’s going to be a first trip to this part of the world.


Greece is fantastic value at the moment.  You’ll find everything from accommodation itself to meals out and shopping very reasonably priced.  As it’s low season, you’ll want to head south, to destinations like Crete and Rhodes.  Sunny winter days can be idyllic, but be prepared for some rain, too, especially in January.  As with Spain and Portugal, temperatures dip at night in winter, so take warm woollies and jackets for evenings and T-shirts with a few long-sleeved T-shirts for daytime.

Places like Chania in Crete really come into their own in winter, there are fewer crowds and more photo opportunities. Check flights, too, as some carriers stop services over winter, while ferry services could be more limited as well.  Tourism is a big part of Greece’s economy, so you’ll also be helping the locals keep solvent.


Not one you’d expect on this list, but prices have fallen recently and if winter beaches are not your thing, this is the place to go for an all-out winter wonderland break.  Norway’s scenery is spectacular. Visit the legendary fjords, drive through the calm countryside and snuggle up on the sofa in front of a crackling fire after a stroll through the outdoor markets.

A lot of the country is located within the Arctic Circle, so you’ll be in the land of the Midnight Sun. While summer days are infinitely log, darkness falls early here but you’ll be rewarded by surprises like the Northern Lights and charming little towns with warm cafes and twinkling lights. Just wear all those layers and enjoy!


When the weather’s misbehaving, focus on the food! Italy is such a diverse country that where you go depends on what you love.  Florence for the culture, art and architecture, Sicily for a more earthy, southern feel.  Where you go will also affect how much you spend.  Rome and Florence will be more expensive than other parts of Italy, but if you’re staying in self-catering timeshare accommodation you can load up on delicious pasta dinners and splurge on panettone and gelatos instead! If you’re not that concerned about the weather in low season, Italy in winter is a hard destination to beat.  The locals live and breathe beauty, style and food and you’ll return home inspired to get back into the kitchen!

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