Virgin Atlantic Launches Flight Tweets

Virgin Atlantic passengers can now “tweet” their flight number and departure date to @VAAInfo and will receive up-to-date information on their flight.

The new service is available at – passengers just tweet the flight they wish to receive information – for example: “@VAAInfo VS3 3110”, and will receive a reply along the lines of: “@RogerFlysalot – Hello gorgeous! The @VirginAtlantic VS3/30Oct left London LHR at 10:50 & is expected in New York JFK at 13:51”.

Virgin has used Twitter to promote special offers and boost sales with great success so far and the airline believes the service will be useful for consumers, not just for daily enquiries and questions via. Twitter, but that it will be very helpful during times of disruption when many customer queries want updates on the status of their flights which may be delayed by weather conditions.

Earlier this year, Virgin partnered with Klout, the analytics service that tracks users’ influence on Twitter (based on variables such as the quality and number of followers and retweets), to extend free flights (plus tax) to influencers in Toronto. The airline offered a free round-trip airfare (Wi-Fi included) between Toronto and San Francisco (SFO) or Los Angeles (LAX) between June 23 and August 23 and everyone who was invited — whether or not they decided to accept their free flight — to Virgin America’s Toronto Launch Event at the end of June.

Consumers who were most positively influencing other Twitter users to spread the word about flying Virgin Atlantic were selected for the free Virgin Atlantic flights and had to disclose that they’d been awarded the free flight but were not under any obligation to blog about it or enter any sort of competition.

While Facebook is falling in popularity, Twitter has been rising, although many companies currently have a Facebook page but are not yet on Twitter.

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