Ryanair to test onboard streaming movies and Wi-Fi

Passengers on a Ryanair flight to their timeshare this summer could be in for a more entertaining experience, following news this week that the budget airliner revealed plans to introduce streaming entertainment and Wi-Fi on some of its flights this year.

The plans are the latest in a series of moves to boost the airline’s image. The airline will test streaming movies and TV shows to passengers’ tablets and smart phones and trials are expected to start this summer.

Just last year, chief executive Michael O’Leary promised that Ryanair would stop “unnecessarily pissing people off”.

Not long ago O’Leary once even joked about making passengers pay to use onboard toilets and stand up seats were another possibility, although neither option came into force.

Ryanair has since axed penalty charges, redesigned its website, invested heavily in marketing and introduced business class flights. The airline has kept expanding its routes and will be introducing new ones for summer 2015 (details to follow).

Ryanair’s Chief Technology Officer, John Hurley, said that the Wi-Fi programme will be trialled later this year on routes favoured by business travellers.

Pricing for the streaming movie/Wi-Fi service is yet to be decided but this new service may even be free of charge to passengers.

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