Ryanair to cut airport bag fees by up to 50%


Good news for timeshare owners who’ll be flying off for a break away from the rain and into the sunshine soon – budget airliner Ryanair has announced that it will slash its airport bag fees by up to a half this year.


The firm said it will cut its standard bag fees from €60/£60 to €30/£30 at the bag drop desk, and from €60/£60 to €50/£50 at the boarding gate.


This brings the airliner’s bag fees into line with its competitor’s standard airport bag fees.


The low cost carrier also revealed that new business and family products are being developed, along with a new mobile app, tailored country-specific websites and a mobile-responsive website.


Ryanair spokesman Robin Kiely said: “We are very excited at these significant improvements to our industry leading customer service.


“We are listening and responding to our customers so that they can continue to expect low fares and on-time flights, but can now enjoy reduced airport bag fees, a second small carry-on bag and reduced boarding card reissue fees for those who have checked-in online, along with easier website access, 24 hour grace periods and quiet flights, with further improvements set to be rolled out over the coming weeks and months.”


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