Ryanair confirms new base in Ibiza from March 2016

There’s good news for timeshare owners who love Ibiza, this week, as Ryanair confirms it will open a new base on the holiday island from next March.
Pouring in an estimated $100 million, the company will have one aircraft permanently based in Ibiza from now on.
It also revealed it is launching two new routes to Turin and Venice Treviso, as well as extra flights to a further 10 European destinations as part of its 2016 expansion plans and route increases.
It is hoped that the exciting new plans could bring them a further 350,000 new customers and boost 1,400 “on-site” jobs, as Ryanair’s Ibiza traffic grows by 25%.
Ryanair’s Jose Espartero said:“Ryanair is pleased to announce that we will open a new Ibiza base from March, our 13th in Spain, with one based aircraft and 25 routes, including two new routes to Turin and Venice Treviso, which will deliver 1.8m customers per annum.
“As Spain’s number one airline, we are pleased to add another base airport to our network, which will allow us to offer improved schedules on domestic services, making Ryanair the ideal choice for both business and leisure customers.”
A Fun Fact About Ibiza
Did you know the rocky little islands to the east of Ibiza are supposed to be the third most magnetic spot on our planet? Es Vedra rock, which is made primarily of limestone, is said to also contain a very unusual mix of minerals and elements. So much so that these interfere with magnetic equipment like compasses. A number of local island legends surround this fact and in the sixties the hippy community claimed Es Vedra was a beacon to guide aliens to earth…
To celebrate the new Ibiza hotspot, Ryanair will be putting seats on sale at www.ryanair.com.

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