Pilot strike threat over safety concerns averted

Holiday plans looked as if they might be thrown into chaos when both flight and cabin crew announced plans for an EU-wide “walkout for safety” earlier this month, but the strike has now been averted.

The strike was due to happen today across Europe today in protest over plans to change pilots’ flying time and rest periods, but both pilots and cabin crew have decided against industrial action.
British pilots will hand over a “dossier of evidence” documenting the dangers of pilot fatigue to 10 Downing Street, the CAA and the Department for Trade to highlight their case – instead of staging the mass “walkout for safety day” – much to the relief of business travellers and holidaymakers jetting off to various European destinations today.

The British Airline Pilots Association says as many as four out of 10 pilots have fallen asleep at the controls. Pilots are opposing the adoption of new European rules for flight limitation and rest requirements, which they say will make flying less safe by relaxing the stringent rules that already exist in the UK.

However, European airline bodies, including the Association of European Airlines, the European Regions Airline Association and the International Air Carrier Association, believe that the proposed changes will ensure “the utmost safety”.

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