One in ten Heathrow flights cancelled today

BA is offering a special free-of-charge rebooking option

Heathrow Airport has cancelled one in ten flights today due to low visibility and is warning that the snow and wintry conditions at other European airports will lead to further flight cancellations today.

The airport is urging passengers to check the status of their flight with their airline before arriving at Heathrow.

"When there is low visibility, more space has to be left between aircraft. Many airports have plenty of spare runway capacity so aircraft can be spaced out more during low visibility without causing delays and cancellations. Because Heathrow operates at almost full capacity, there is simply no room to reschedule the delayed flights,” said a spokesperson.

British Airways is advising passengers only to go to Heathrow if their flight is operating and posted a notice stating “Like other airlines at Heathrow we have complied with a request to reduce our schedule by 10% on Monday."

BA is giving passengers who have flights scheduled for today and tomorrow the option to rebook for flights departing between January 24 and February 12 at no extra cost.

Meanwhile Virgin Atlantic says the plan is to continue to operate as normal today, but advises passengers to check before travelling to the airport.

Other London airports were all open this morning but warnings are out about possible delays. All passengers flying out of UK airports today and tomorrow would be well advised to check with the airline or look for updates on the websites before leaving home.

Heathrow said cancelling flights in advance introduces space into the schedule and aims to reduce disruption for passengers by:

• Allowing airlines to rebook passengers onto un-allocated seats on other flights, significantly reducing the number of passengers that cannot travel that day

• Giving passengers clear information about the status of their flight so they can rebook from home or their hotel

• Helping to avoid flights being cancelled at short notice, significantly reducing the chances of people staying at terminals overnight

• The decision to reduce the flight schedule is made by a group called the Heathrow Airport Demand and Capacity Balancing Group, which includes representatives from British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

All travellers would be well advised to allow extra time for their journey to the airport over the next few days.

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