Important: Ryanair Website Closed Friday to Sunday, May 18-20

If you’re planning to travel soon on Ryanair and have not yet printed out your boarding pass, you should do so as soon as possible because the website will be down for “upgrade maintenance” this weekend.

This means passengers will not be able to check-in online between 4pm on Friday May 18 and noon on Sunday May 20, and in addition, bookings and flight changes will not be allowed for 48 hours between 10pm on Friday and 10pm on Sunday. Ryanair charges customers who have not pre-printed their boarding passes when they arrive to check in at the airport, so it’s important to make sure any documents have been printed off ahead of time. Any API (Advance Passenger Information) which is required for certain countries including anyone entering Spain also needs to be inputted into flight reservations before the website is taken offline.

It will also affect anyone trying to book for travel next week as there will be no way of making a new booking – or changing bookings – until Sunday. Ryanair has issued a statement, saying: “Ryanair wishes to apologise to all passengers who may be affected by our website closure which is unavoidable in order to upgrade the website."

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