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Hugely popular personal finance site has just issued a new “how to book cheaper flights” tip which will come in useful when you’re booking your next timeshare holiday.

Media money expert Martin Lewis advises booking your flight 59 days in advance whenever possible to reduce your fare.

“We’ve yelled for years: booking late is cheap for packages, but for scheduled flights, early booking usually wins. A new tool reveals exactly how early you should act, plus there’s loads of data to fine-tune the cost,” he says.

Lewis advises booking 59 days in advance, and flying on Tuesdays. He also encourages passengers to search via flight comparisonMomondo* then click the ‘Flight Insight’ tab if available for your route.

He adds: “This nerdy fun tool reveals how to hone perfect prices for 150+ popular UK routes”.

Typical stats are:

How far ahead to book? 59 days (at least)

Cheapest day to travel on? Tuesday

Departure airport? Flying Gatwick-JFK is 12% cheaper than London City to Newark.”

It’s also important to use the right comparison site to get the lowest price, as different sites do different jobs, so follow the guidelines below:

Find the cheapest price: Try Skyscanner (for ease), Kayak (for gizmos) & TravelSup (for breadth), or better – try all.

Charter flights: Grab cheap spare package holiday flight seats to traditional destinations with Avro and Flights Direct.

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