4 Days of Spanish Air Strikes planned for June 8,10,12 and 14

Britons heading to destinations within Spanish air space next week should prepare for delays and possible disruptions as Spain’s air traffic controllers have confirmed there will be stoppages on four days between Monday June 8th and 14th.

The workers are disputing penalties given by AENA (Spain’s airport operator) during a strike back in 2010.

The partial strikes will take place for two hours in the morning and two in the early evening – at 10am-noon and 6-8pm on each of the four days and the action will affect every airport in Spain.

And there have been further problems at Madrid’s Barajas airport where baggage handlers have been taking action as part of an open-ended strike, causing inconvenience for passengers flying in and out of that particular airport, including Ryanair travellers who are having to travel with just hand luggage.  If they need to bring a check-in suitcase, Ryanair is advising passengers to choose another flight, free of charge.

Ryanair confirmed the hand luggage rule on Twitter on Monday June 1st.

AENA have told callers that they will have more of an idea regarding the knock-on effect of the partial strike action about 24-48 hours in advance.

Further strike action in Spain is rumoured to take place in August around the August Bank Holiday.

During the last strike, 5 years ago, 600,000 travellers got stranded ahead of a national holiday and the Spanish government called up the army to oversee flight control towers. That was an unprecedented wildcat strike which lasted for 24 hours and caused havoc for travellers across Europe.

If you’re taking a week’s holiday at your Spanish timeshare resort next week, make sure to check with your airline before you travel and watch for their official updates and warnings online, on your airline’s website, and there may be updates on Twitter and Facebook, too.

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