Video testimonials from timeshare customers.

Holiday Club Owners – Kevin & Wendy

Timeshare owners Kevin and Wendy from the UK tell us about their 11 happy years with Holiday Club in Gran Canarias. Having originally bought at Vista Amadores, they went on to buy 3 weeks at Playa Amadores and regard their timeshare as their second home.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Kimberley Brady, a Holiday Inn Club member, reminisces about some of the wonderful holidays she’s taken and looks forward to future trips to Hawaii and Italy.

Water sports at Hapimag’s Bodrum resort

A Hapimag owner enthuses about the watersports he participates in at Bodrum, including monoskiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing and swimming.

Hapimag Family

An owner from Zurich praises the help that staff gave him when he missed a booking deadline. His parents used to own with Hapimag, so he knew what he wanted to buy!


Hear from some Azure owners who just love their timeshares! From Carolyn and Tim, who bought a 3-bed apartment, to Pete and Jeannette who see Azure as home, to Muriel and Alan who say it’s ideal for the young and the old…

Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Constance and Kirkwood Edwards have taken their children and now their grandchildren with them on holiday – “that’s the way it was meant to be.”

Pestana – Richardson Family

The Richardsons have bought several weeks with Pestana and love bringing the kids and the grandkids back year after year. “If we had any complaints, we wouldn’t come back”!

Holiday Club – Mr and Mrs Harris

The Harris family own two weeks at Playa Amadores and love coming to Gran Canaria for a bit of guaranteed sunshine. They see their timeshare as a home from home, luxurious, with fantastic views.

Claire & Jeff

Claire & Jeff love the flexibility that their ownership gives them, you take what you want, when you want.

Mr and Mrs Chambers

The Chambers talk about the reassuring sense of community that’s built up at their resort over the years. They have full confidence in the Pestana brand, the quality of the resort and say it’s a home from home.

Holiday Club – Mr and Mrs Watson

The Watsons own a grand total of seven weeks with Holiday Club in Gran Canaria and spread their holidays between winter and summer. They love to use their own private pool at their penthouse apartment!

Hapimag Bodrum

Genevieve Chesney-Prein is a timeshare veteran, having owned for 18 years! For the past seven years, she’s come back with her husband to Hapimag in Bodrum – she knows the staff, is known by them.

Len and June

Len and June like the freedom of choice that timeshare gives you – unlike a hotel, where you’re ‘stuck with routine’. They enjoy the choice of where to have breakfast, perhaps on the patio of their timeshare, looking out to the sea.

Pestana – Mr and Mrs Connelly

The Connellys come several times a year to their beach front Pestana apartment, which is like a second home to them.

Holiday Club – The Watters family

Bob, Sue and Chloe own at Holiday Club Amadores and come here twice a year. The weather is always magnificent and their private patio overlooks the sea. As they arrive, they always say it’s ‘coming home to our second home!’

Family Time at Hapimag

Markus Fahrian-Winiger tells us that it doesn’t matter where you go, the standards at Hapimag are always 4 star.

Skiing holidays with Hapimag

Valerio Artabano loves taking skiing holidays at Hapimag resorts in winter and city breaks at other times of the year. A big fan of clean air, blue skies and the snow, he loves his long walks too.