Summer in Sicily just got better! Domina Coral Bay Resort opens its doors to timeshare owners via RCI

Now there’s another reason to unwind in one of Europe’s most romantic destinations: well known Italian resort Domina Coral Bay has just affiliated one of its most picturesque resorts to RCI.

Set in a stunning location between Palermo and Cefalù, Sicilian resort Domina Coral Bay is now officially part of RCI’s holiday exchange network – which is great news for Italy lovers looking for a new place to stay on their next trip to this beautiful part of the world.

View from the top

First…the views!  The hotel offers guests views of the sea, cliffs and nearby beaches, set in colourful gardens blooming with lemon trees and bougainvillea and this is one of those resorts where you could easily spend a week just basking by the pool, keeping fit or catching up on that new Kindle book.

On-resort amenities include a gym, restaurants, swimming pools and tennis courts so visitors can keep active or relax as they choose.

Right on the sea front, the hotel is a very short drive from Palermo, so sightseeing is just minutes away.

On the food front, there are two restaurants, the Wine Club and Bar No. 5, and one of the hotel’s most charming features is its independent sea view mini-villas which look like a real fishing village surrounded by a park and right on the coastline – perfect for romantic sunset walks or a stroll under the stars.

If you’re taking the kids, chances are they’ll love the watersports centre with its scuba diving school and multipurposes sports fields and there is more than one swimming pool at the resort.

Around and About

Ballarò Market:  There’s lots to do nearby, and one of the options is a visit to the lively Ballarò Market in Albergheria.  Here, the narrow streets are full of wooden boxes offering different things for sale, including fish, freshly caught off the local coast.

Duca di Salaparuta Wine Cellar:  Wine buffs will definitely want to make a detour before heading back home to the Casteldaccia winery with its huge oak barrels and robust Italian red wines.  Opening hours are from 9 to 4.

Solunto Ancient Sites:  The ancient town of Solunto was founded in the fourth century BC by the Carthaginians who dominated the town for over a hundred years.  Later it fell into the hands of Dionysus the Elder who built a classic Greek-style town and you can still make out features such as the fascinating fresco on the wall of Casa di Leda which shows Zeus in the guise of a swan seducing a lady.  Most of the ancient houses were on two floors and you can still see some staircases leading to now non-existent upper levels among the ruins.


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