Italian resort solves the dogs-on-beaches problem with a dogs-only beach

Italy’s posh pooches are reveling in the chance at finally being able to frolic in the sea.

Bau Beach (Italian for “woof”) is a new canine-friendly stretch of sand set in the outskirts of Rome.

The beach is the only one in the area that allows furry friends to share a sunlounger with their human owner and even provides every dog with its own parasol and water bowl.

A 30-minute drive from central Rome, Bau Beach Maccarese is a stretch of beach 7,000 metres long and can welcome more than 100 dogs – and their owners – at a time.  Iit’s not strictly “dogs only” but it’s a welcome option for owners who don’t want to leave Fido behind while they soak up the sunshine on a weekend afternoon.

Owners pay an annual membership of 13 euros and four euros entrance on each visit. For that, the beach provides lifeguards, a vet and doggy showers for a hose-down before getting back in the car.

Italy has a population of 60 million, with its six million officially registered canines often welcome in the nation’s bars and restaurants.

Yet the vast majority of the country’s beaches have long been a no-go area for man’s best friend.

The happy hounds atmosphere at Bau Beach is maintained by screening at the entrance, where new members are given a once-over by a member of the team before being allowed off the lead.

Once in, dogs must be let off their leads and allowed to socialise although some pooches find the sea air and holiday vibe too relaxing and can be spotted snoozing for hours on a sunlounger…


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