The GoTimeshare Guide to Christmas in Berlin

This week marks 25 Years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the most significant event in recent German history, and in celebration of this important day, Berlin is putting on a host of special exhibitions and events to mark the anniversary.

Berlin is also traditionally of the most popular Christmas market destinations  – it’s remowned for its sparkling markets that take on a whole new level compared to other European countries. Every street is littered in lights, houses a covered in decorations and huge trees fill city centres, and the scent of spiced cakes and mulled wine fills the air. From the end of November, Berlin turns into a magical fairy-tale buzzing with Christmas treats and stalls!

Unbelievably, there are over 100 Christmas markets around Berlin during Santa Season, so here’s our GoTimeshare guide to help you decide.  Below are some of the best.

1.       Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt

One of the most popular markets in Berlin it attracts over 600,000 people every winter. This market is famous for its beautifully unique handmade products from manufacturers all over the world. This market is known for its origami designs and it’s worth allowing plenty of time to look at all the artwork.  When you’ve done the “art” part, try a few local delicacies such as fried apple and white chocolate milk.

Top tip: if you ask, many stalls will allow you to try their products free of charge. So feast of yummy treats, while admiring the huge tree and watch a festive play to get you in the Christmas mood!

2. Berliner Weihnachtszeit at Roten Rathaus

You can’t miss this market with its impressive Ferris wheel which can be spotted from far away. Berliner Weihnachtszeit is one of the oldest markets in Berlin and still holds this tradition as each stall is still styled the same as at the beginning of the 19th century – giving this market a historical and special feel. After drifting about the stalls and taking a ride on the huge wheel get your skates on and have a go at the large skate rink. At 600 square metres, and free entrance onto the ice either bring your own skates or hire a pair for just 4 euros – great fun for all of the family. Also the kids’ favourite as it as a small farm of friendly animals to see and play with!

3. Wintertraum am Alex

Completely different to the Berliner Weihnachtszeit, this market is the most modern of them all compromising of rollercoasters, bumper cars and again a huge Ferris wheel making it most popular amongst the youngsters! Of course, you can still submerge yourself in traditional festive goodies like gluhwein and yummy pastries in between goes on the rides making this the best mix between tradition and excitement! Great for all ages as rides cater from the young to the not so young, or let the kids play while you sit back with a jug of beer.

4. Winterwelt at Potsdamer Platz

You wouldn’t believe it if we told you that you can whiz down a snowy mountain on a tyre in the middle of Berlin would you? Well at Wintermelt this is exactly what you can do! With such great attractions for all the family this market pulls in an incredible 2.5million people every year, perhaps also as it is open from the beginning of November. Winterwelt market is also famous for Einstockschiessen a game that is simply a mix between bowling and curling. For 20 to 30 euros an hour this is a great activity to try to burn off some calories before slipping off to grab some more gluhwein and Christmas treats…


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