From Forest Fairies to Ice Theatres, The World's 25th Ice Hotel Opens Its Door

From forest fairy rooms to a spectacular ice theatre…guests lucky enough to stay at a brand new Icehotel will soon be enchanted by magical ice carvings and a luminous winter wonderland as a new Icehotel – number 25 – has opened its doors in Sweden.

The latest Icehotel, which was unveiled in the Swedish region of Jukkasjärvi last month, also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the famous brand and will become the the world’s largest hotel built of snow and ice.

The plans for the frozen hotel, made by Icehotel specialists Discover The World, include a slick new ice theatre, called Aurora Hall, and brand new Art Suite designs.

Other designs for the incredible art suites include a rainforest with orangutans carved in ice and frozen forest fairy. The new hotel will be located in the stunning surrondings of Jukkasjärvi, based 200km north of the Artic Circle, and will also offer guests a range of winter activities and mouth-watering  authentic Swedish cuisine.

Highlights of the new hotel include:
The Aurora Hall

The unique ice theatre will be used for live performances throughout the season. To create the remarkable dome-shaped structure, the design team had to use water sprayed on to giant balloons. Unlike in the rest of the hotel, the inner wall will be made of very solid ice so that the sound will not be absorbed by the walls.

Art Suites

42 international artists from 11 different countries were specially selected to design the hotel’s 16 spectacular Art Suites, as well as the Deluxe Suites, ICEBAR and Ice Church of the new IceHotel. The hotel boasts 61 rooms in total, including:

Time Piece

Swedish artists Emma Curden, Theodor Fahlén and Gabriella Bulin ask guests the question “what is time?” by designing this room around the inner workings of a clock. As you step into the room, gaze up at giant cog wheels, and the unrelenting teeth of the mechanism frozen in place.

Forest Fairy

Designed by Sweden’s Benny Ekman, Forest Fairy captures the fairytale of five fellows who foraged through an enchanted forest in search of the ‘forest fairy’. Expect a forest landscape of ice trees surrounding a frozen fairy perched on a lake of ice.

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