Fishermen proud to paint CLC name on prow

Fishermen in the Philippines have painted the name of CLC World Resorts & Hotels (well almost!) on 10 of their traditional fishing boats, a thank you for donations received following last year’s devastating super typhoon Yolanda.

Staff gave generously following a request made by two of their colleagues with family in the country, and the money went to the organisation Gawad Kalinga, which is helping survivors rebuild their lives and homes.

The association supplied a photo of one of the freshly painted boats with CLC proudly painted on its prow – and everyone is delighted to see Filipino fishermen getting their lives back on track in calmer waters.

Gawad Kalinga say: “Through the combined efforts and resources of partners, volunteers, GK workers and our very own residents, we have made significant headway in our roof repair, Balangay (fishing boats distribution) and house reconstruction.” More help is needed to scale up the response, if you wish to donate visit for more information.

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