Dial An Exchange rewards members with new £40 Refer A Friend programme bonus

Dial An Exchange (DAE) has just introduced a brand new benefit for existing members and new members alike – its Refer A Friend programme.

For every new member who signs up following an existing member’s introduction, DAE will give a £40 discount off their next holidays – that means all DAE members can now get a £40 discount for all the new sign ups they recommend. It’s an innovative way for members to share with their friends the advantages of being with DAE and the programme is transparent, straightforward and easy to use. Quite simply, each time a friend uses a unique referral code, both the existing and the new member(s) will save £40 off their next timeshare holiday.

Commenting on the new Refer a Friend programme, DAE managing director Europe, Oliver Green said: “This is a win-win. Our members can introduce their friends to the DAE family and those new members can enjoy the great holidays their friends have been experiencing for years. All new members have to do is join and register by 31 December 2015, and of course it is still free to join DAE.”

To use DAE’s system, you simply either start with banking your week(s) which are credited to you for 3 years, then search for the holiday you want – or you can search first, then deposit.

DAE is a members club for owners of any kind of holiday property who want more flexibility, and to be able to exchange holidays at different resorts and destinations with other club members.

DAE operates a “bank” of weeks in holiday properties which members can use.  How it works is, members deposit weeks into the “bank” that they do not wish to use themselves and in return for this they get a “credit” valid for three years from the date of deposit. This can then be used to “withdraw” any week out of DAE’s system, on payment of the exchange fee. These withdrawn weeks can either be used for their own holidays or alternatively given to family and friends.

The Dial An Exchange / DAE story began in Australia in 1997. Two years later, the operation was extended to Europe in 1999, and subsequently to USA, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Thailand, China, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Egypt.

For more information, see Worldwide Holiday Home and Timeshare Exchange – Dial An Exchange

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