4 Instagrammers with breathtaking travel photos

These days you don’t need to spend money on a pricey travel book or magazine, or time watching TV for your travel inspiration. With your phone you have all the resources you need right at your fingertips with literally billions of images to browse. Social media sites and apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are excellent resources if you are looking for photos to inspire your next journey.

Instagram is especially useful for travel photos, as the original function of the app when it was launched back in 2010 was for photo posting and sharing. It has since expanded to include video, but it’s most popular function remains photo sharing. Instagram statistics are simply staggering. Since it’s launch, users have shared over 40 billion photos and share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day! There are literally hundreds of millions of photos with #travel added to them. Of course many of these photos are mediocre at best and some just plain terrible. There are many individuals on Instagram who have accounts dedicated to incredible travel photos though, and they have amassed huge fanbases.

Trying to keep up with all of them would be more or less impossible, so here are 5 Instagrammers with breathtaking travel photos that you should definitely be following:

Mr Ben Brown:

Ben Brown aka Mr Ben Brown is a photographer and YouTuber with a huge social media following. When he was younger he used to compete as a world class kayaker, but then decided to completely change his life and switched to YouTube. His YouTube channel is  mainly dedicated to travel vlogs and videos of his epic adventures around the world and life living in South Africa. His channel has over 650,000 subscribers and has had close to 110 Million views!

As well as his passion for filmmaking, Ben also loves taking amazing travel photos which is clear to see from his Instagram account. This is an account dedicated to inspirational photos from around the world including underwater photography, drone shots or photos from helicopter flights. You can never get bored with Ben’s Instagram shots!


Louis Cole aka FunForLouis is a travel vlogger and photographer with a massive following on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and his other social media channels. He is incredibly passionate about travel and seeking out new adventures and this is perfectly encapsulated in his daily travel vlogs. These are highly entertaining and always show exotic locations, interesting activities or delicious foreign cuisines. Louis has a fun loving, outgoing and positive outlook on life that make his vlogs very interesting and funny to watch. Since he started his FunForLouis channel around four years ago it has had almost 250 million views!

He also takes, or is featured in, breathtaking travel photos which he regularly posts on his Instagram account. His Instagram account has over 1.4 million followers so he is clearly inspiring a lot of people with his epic uploads which include gorgeous beach scenes, drone shots and cool photos of him hanging from tall buildings.

Relaxing to the max! 🌴✌🏼️

Una foto publicada por Louis Cole (@funforlouis) el

Hey Nadine:

Hey Nadine aka Nadine Sykora is a Canadian travel vlogger, blogger and photographer who loves to take adventures around the world and help inspire others to do the same. Every year she embarks on many different trips to a variety of different locations both within Canada and internationally. For her YouTube channel she films vlogs to give people a feel for what it would be like to go to these places and also makes useful videos with tips and tricks for those who want to travel more themselves. She has a really engaging and fun style to her videos which makes them really watchable and interesting. Her channel is now closing in on 300,000 subscribers and has over 36 million views!

In addition to her vlogs she is very active on other social media such as Instagram where she regularly posts interesting travel shots from all of her many adventures. Her photos are generally very inspirational as they are from locations that are out of the ordinary. They help to show you places that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider for holidays and create a sense of wanderlust.

Oh me oh my!! My first #Patagonia Trekking video with @intrepidtravel is now live!! 🏔👣 (link in my bio) #liveintrepid #wanderlust

Una foto publicada por Nadine Sykora (@heynadine) el

Nicole Eddy:

Many people will recognise Nicole from Ben Brown’s films and photos as she has been his girlfriend for a number of years. She is also a highly talented photographer, blogger and vlogger in her own right and is swiftly building her own highly engaged following across her social media channels, blog and YouTube channel. She is lives in Cape Town, South Africa which itself is a gorgeous location and definitely a great place for inspiring photos. She also accompanies Ben on many of his travel adventures and takes breathtaking photos of her own which she posts on her Instagram account and blog.

Like Ben, Louis and Nadine, Nicole is a very positive person with a fun, energetic personality. She is engaging in front of the camera with her vlogs but also captures stunning angles in her photos which show breathtaking locations to explore and awesome activities to try such as surfing in the Maldives and hot air balloon rides above the deserts near Dubai. Nicole is rising Instagram star who you should definitely be following!


Una foto publicada por Nicole Eddy (@nicoleeddy) el

We are sure these Instagrammers will inspire some of your future travels with so many exotic locations on display in their photos. It’s enough to make you jealous! This is only the tip of the iceberg though as there are a huge number of awesome travel accounts to follow on Instagram including individuals, travel companies and brands.

GoTimeshare is also on Instagram so make sure to follow us for our own inspiring photos and posts from other accounts!

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube where we regularly post photos, videos and other interesting and useful travel related content. If you have any suggestions of Instagrammers that we should be following then please leave a comment or let us know on social media.

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