Timeshare Executive Lands Key Role at British Chamber of Commerce in Spain

Jennie Thompson, MD of Malaga-based Leisure Solutions SL, and board member of the official timeshare owner-run Timeshare Association (TATOC) www.tatoc.org, is about to take up a new role as vice president of the British Chamber of Commerce’s Regional Committee of Andalucia.

Thompson, who is also an elected member of the BCCS Governing Council, has a wealth of experience within the timeshare industry and hopes her two-year post will help spread a positive message about timeshare.

Commenting on her new post, she said: “I am aiming to use my two years in office to raise the profile of the timeshare industry within the BCC, which is a network of global and international commercial chambers with links to a variety of other major bodies.”

Thompson wants to educate her BCCS colleagues about the benefits of quality timeshare and, in her words, “foster an understanding that timeshare is a respectable industry and encourage not only more people to consider doing business with us, but more businesses to enter the industry.”

The timeshare industry has a reputation that has been founded on selling practices, not the actual product – we need to change that

Originally founded in Barcelona in 1908, the aim of the BCCS is to provide networking and information services for English companies doing business in Spain, but it also works with Spanish companies keen to liaise with companies in the UK.

With offices in Barcelona, Madrid and most recently Andalucia (2007), the BCCS continues to expand its active network.

Thompson is no stranger to Spain. She initially served as Regional Committee Secretary, covering cities such as Malaga, Seville and Granada, and was surprised by the variety of businesses operating in an area best known for its tourist hot spots.

“There is a perception that the Costa del Sol is just construction, tourism, sea, sand and sangria but there is so much more than that,” she says. “Companies range from IT, PR, accountants, legal services and more, and there is a real entrepreneurial spirit and will to survive and succeed.”

Thompson believes the timeshare industry has that same spirit and does have a positive future in Spain. She’ll play a key role in TATOC’s campaign to various companies and organizations in the timeshare industry to raise its overall image in the public eye.

“The timeshare industry has a reputation that has been founded on selling practices, not the actual product – we need to change that,” she says.



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