Get to Know The RDO: The Timeshare and Shared Vacation Ownership Trade Body

Useful information about how RDO protects consumers, and where to get news, consumer advice and updates on the latest developments in the timeshare industry

What is RDO?

The Resort Development Organisation (RDO) was established following the decision by the European Timeshare Federation in February 1998 to integrate all national timeshare trade assocations across Europe into one official membership organisation. It works to improve representation for reputable companies in Europe’s timeshare sector, and to promote and maintain quality standards,fair trading and growth within the expanding timeshare industry. RDO is a non-profit member association that actively campaigns against fraudulent operators, provides information to the authorities to help shut down bogus holiday clubs and actively works to alert consumers to timeshare scams and protect consumers’ interests.

Who are its members?

Industry members representing a wide variety of sectors of the timeshare industry have joined RDO, from countries all over Europe. Some of the biggest names in the resort development industry are RDO members, such as Hilton, Pestana Resorts and Sol Melia, and exchange companies, management, marketing companies, trustees, finance entities and resale companies. Every member must abide by a strict code of ethics which helps protect consumers who can look forward to enjoying many years of quality timeshare holidays with the peace of mind and the assurance that they are buying from a reputable, quality company.

Who does RDO work with to regulate the timeshare sector?

RDO works with governments at both national and European level to create fair legislation that will not only protect consumers’ interests, but ensure that overall industry standards are maintained, that positive growth is encouraged. RDO liaises with the media to increase consumer awareness of both the timeshare and fractional ownership industries.

Facts and figures

* 70 industry members
* 100 fradulent timeshare operators closed down since 2007
* Representation in Finland (covering the Scandinavian region), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Spain and the UK

News and consumer alerts, advice and updates at GoTimeshare and GoFractional

Consumers and industry followers looking for news, consumer advice and features on timeshare and fractional ownership can visit RDO’s consumer websites: and for more on new developments, consumer alerts and more details on what’s happening in the industry today, both in Europe and all over the world.

More information about the work of the RDO at the RDO Website

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