Solluna Resort Added to RCI Network in India

Timeshare owners can enjoy India at the Solluna Resort

The Solluna Resort has been added to the RCI network, meaning the timeshare organisation now has over 80 affiliated resorts in India.

Located in the country’s largest wildlife sanctuary, Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, the Solluna Resort provides timeshare owners with peace and quiet as well as some pleasant natural surroundings.

There are also plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy, including river rafting, open-top jeep rides, elephant safaris and horseback riding.

Culture vultures will be pleased to hear that the resort offers folk dances and evening bonfires.

Radhika Shastry, managing director of RCI for India, said that the stunning resort is a fantastic addition to the destinations offered to RCI Weeks members.

Last month, the timeshare company announced that RCI TV had gone live and was available to all consumers on, meaning the general public can now learn more about the industry through the service.

It was previously only available only to RCI subscribing members.

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