It’s Good to Be Green! Last Call for the RCI Green Award 2011

Leading timeshare vacation exchange network RCI is accepting the final entries (which must be in by the end of August) for its prestigious RCI Green Award 2011.

RCI-affiliated shared ownership resorts can nominate themselves for the award and they have to show that their day to day operations are run in a sustainable way. The Award is designed to recognise RCI affiliated resorts in Europe, Middle East and Africa which demonstrate a commitment to incorporating green measures and an eco-conscious business ethos.

The RCI Green Award aims to:

• Help the environment and society
• Attract new customers
• Make a positive difference on the financial bottom line
• Inspire other resort managers

The 2011 Award is modelled after the RCI Going Green Award programme launched in the Pacific region last year. RCI affiliated resorts can submit a voluntary self-assessment form which asks questions about the resort’s sustainability operations. Energy, waste, supply chain and water management, site-nature and cultural environment, facility design elements and community and guest engagement are all areas that will be judged in the process to filter out the overall winner.

Dimitris Manikis, RCI’s Vice President Business Development, Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: "Holiday destinations are defined by their natural settings, and we believe it’s important to act in ways that help preserve those environments.

"It also makes good business sense, as the hospitality industry is actively evolving to meet the expectations of environmentally-aware guests and corporate customers who, in increasing numbers, prefer to stay at accommodations that reflect their same values.

"With this award, which covers a variety of green initiatives, we can acknowledge the great programmes already in place at RCI-affiliated resorts and inspire other resorts to adopt green initiatives."

The resorts will have to show they’ve been doing their homework as Peter Burns, Professor of Tourism and Development at the University of Brighton, and Professor Richard Butler from the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, will both be reviewing entries to shortlist the finalists. The resorts which are selected in the final stages will then be subject to an actual onsite resort inspection during which the professors will validate every aspect of the self-assessed entries.

More details about the awards and what the judges will be looking for are here

To submit your resort for consideration, resorts must complete the online form found here

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