Wonderful timeshare holidays at Royal Sunset Beach Club

I have always enjoyed my holiday at Royal Sunset Beach Club and have always found all of the staff to be welcoming and happy to assist whenever possible.

Shortly after my arrival this year I was foolish enough to leave my wallet on a table in the bar. Because I had just arrived it contained a large amount of cash and credit cards. My wallet was found by Cristina, a member of the bar team who not only ensured its safe keeping but then went on to take positive action in an attempt to locate me. Being unable to find me she passed on my wallet to Mara, a member of the reception team who in turn went to great lengths to locate me and return my property.

I found Cristina and thanked her in person for her positive actions. I did offer her a small reward to express my appreciation for her honesty.  She declined my offer and dismissed it as unnecessary. She was, in her eyes, only doing her job. Some would say that she was just doing her job and that honesty is a given and is to be expected. Whilst I do agree in part this is, sadly, not always the case. But part from their honesty and integrity I believe that both Cristina and Mara went beyond what could be reasonably expected of them. They both ensured the safekeeping of my property and did not cease in their efforts to track me down.  I feel that they both went that extra mile and for that I am extremely grateful to both. Their actions did, without exaggeration, save my holiday. Both Cristina and Mara are a credit to you, Royal Sunset Beach Club and Diamond Resorts.

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