It's official! Today's timeshare owners are younger, savvy consumers and they like to try before they buy

American timeshare organisation has released some very interesting new stats about who today’s timeshare owners are, what they love about owning timeshare, and how old (or rather, young) they are.

One of the highlights is the fact that timeshare owners are “getting younger”.  The ARDA survey shows that new owners are nearly 10 years younger, with 39% of them Gen Xers and 30% Millennials.  The average age is 39 – worlds away from the traditional image of older, retired owners – and in the States, 42% of owners are African American or Hispanic.

The AIF Shared Vacation Ownership Study which ARDA organised also reveals that 72% of those surveyed were college graduates and 23% have a higher degree (graduates).

The average household income is also high, at $94,800 (about £60,000 p.a.) and nearly half of them made just a single payment to cover their timeshare purchase (47%).

They also like to try before they buy, and research timeshare resorts well before they commit.  As an example of this 75% had some form of interaction with a timeshare resort before buying their weeks or points, 44% stayed at the resort where they did buy, as a guest of another owner (this reflects to a great extent how satisfactory the  timeshare holiday experience is overall.  42% first tried timeshare when they rented at a resort first, and just over one third, 35%, attended a number of sales presentations before deciding which timeshare(s) they wanted to buy.

ARDA has produced a great infographic (attached) showing the results at-a-glance.

Are you thinking of timeshare as your holiday solution for 2015 onwards? Timeshare is both an eco and economical way to holiday, and a fantastic option for families who want to enjoy a home-from-home style holiday with full self-catering facilities on a well serviced resort.

For destination inspiration, read our timeshare travel guides and take a look at the various guides and advice on – or check out the information at the Resort Development Organisation’s official website at


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