Tracing Footsteps at Woodford Bridge

In May Diamond Resorts International® had a lovely Lady and Gentleman staying who were kind enough to share with them the following wonderful story.

Susan and David Garlick were celebrating their Pearl Wedding Anniversary and chose to spend this special occasion re-tracing the footsteps of Susan’s Grandparents when they spent their holiday in Devon in 1960



SettingOff54 years ago Mabel and John Oliver (Susan’s Grandparents) and Cynthia and Cid Hall (Susan’s Aunty and Uncle) set off in their Ford Prefect from their home in Belper, Derbyshire all the way to Devon.  Mabel, being a skilled administrator for the Railways, was a fantastic record keeper and decided to keep a daily log of their trip.

Susan showed us this very log book and it was beautifully kept, presented and hand bound in smart red.  Every day of the holiday was carefully detailed and also Mabel had neatly added photographs and postcards along the way.  Everything was typed perfectly with all pages numbered and a detailed description of each place visited.

On the 10th Day of the holiday, 5th July 1960, the party of four stayed at Woodford Bridge and they thoroughly enjoyed their stay here – a rather glowing report was entered in to the log book on that day.

DevonSusan and David followed the log book, touring and exploring Devon and Cornwall and visiting all the little places mentioned that the party of four had visited all those years past.  Susan joked “It was actually quite hard to fit in as much in to the day as they had managed to all that time ago!”

Sadly Susan’s Grandfather, John, passed away only 18 months after the holiday, John had been a Japanese Prisoner of War and never fully returned to good health.  Mabel, Susan’s Grandmother, passed away when Susan was a very little girl – but they were incredibly close which was one of the reasons why Susan wanted to do this.  Fortunately Aunty Cynthia was able to tell Susan lots of stories about John & Mabel when she was growing-up.

Diamond Resort International® staff have told us that It was a real pleasure to have met Mr and Mrs Garlick and they were so glad that they shared this heart-warming story.  What a unique and wonderful way to celebrate their 30 years of marriage!


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