Owner Testimonials from Petchey Leisure/Club Infiniti

Petchey Leisure recently asked their owners why they loved their timeshare, here are some of the answers that they got back . . .

The Oura View Beach Club: relighting enthusiasm for timeshare ownership

Fifteen years have now passed since we purchased our first timeshare at what is now Oura View Beach Club. The revamp of the Club and the simple but effective Infinite points system gave me enough insight into Petchey Leisure to relight my fire of enthusiasm for timeshare membership. My wife and I found ourselves conjuring up new visions of adventure; we could see the world becoming our oyster and for our children and grandchildren.

Jean-Francois and Veronical Rodrigues

Having bought a studio apartment at CPO in Portugal in 1986, we never imagined how much we would fall in love with the resort, the country and the wonderful people. The Algarve is a little corner of Paradise. The standard of the accommodation is without doubt five star and improvements are constantly being made in order to pamper to every need of all the guests. Timeshare always gets such dreadful press, but had all the journalists visited CPO, they would have seen how well it can work when it is honest, up front and run in a professional way.

Diane and Paul Lamont

Fourteen years as a timeshare owner has disclosed one major suggestion – take the initiative and make the most of all that your timeshare offers.

The timeshare arrangement via the points system has proved without a shadow of doubt to be a very worthwhile investment. Variety, coupled with the knowledge through experience that the standard of accommodation will always be of a high quality has instilled a reassuring confidence in the ownership. Fourteen years as a timeshare owner has disclosed one major suggestion – take the initiative and make the most of all that your timeshare offers.

David A Herridge

Club Infiniti and Petchey Leisure offer so much more to provide the perfect environment for fantastic holidays. Discounted luxury at its very best.

Mark and Cynthia Ferne

We have never regretted buying our three weeks of heaven at what is now Oura View Beach Club and we have owned it for over 20 years. As well as giving us many lovely holidays over the years it has enabled us, by exchange, to experience resorts all over Europe, Florida and our own country.

Peter Risley

About 15 years ago my wife and I visited the Algarve for the first time on a package holiday during November. Our four star hotel was drab and, once we discovered the club that has become the Oura View Beach Club, we promptly bought two winter weeks. Since the purchase of our original timeshare by Petchey Leisure, we have been very appreciative of the improvements you have carried out. These modifications have enabled us to really enjoy the facilities now on offer.

Sheila and Colin Dann

We used our initial weeks numerous times for exchange, one of the many benefits of timeshare. After we exchanged into Grangefield Oasis in Spain, we needed no persuasion to convert to Infiniti and convert our weeks to points. We much appreciate all the extra goodies, the food pack, robes, slippers and toiletries. We would rather have timeshare than use hotels as the accommodation is always more spacious and of a superior quality. Owning a timeshare is a superb way to have a quality holiday in many parts of the world.

Geoff Whittle

I have been a member since April 1st 1999 and we knew when we arrived at the Grangefield Oasis Club in Spain it wasn’t an April fool joke at all! I cannot describe how lucky I feel. In Belgium it is still rare when you say you have a timeshare, but I always try to prove the benefits of the system, the facilities of reservations and the choice in resorts all over the world. I get what I pay for and that quality is one of the high standards of the resort.

Noella Wouters

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