My love affair with Timeshare – Christine Green

My son and daughter would never go on a package tour because they are so used to the quality that a good timeshare resort provides.

Vegas at Christmas: Christine and her daughter

"My love affair with Timeshare began by accident in 1996 when my husband entered a competition during his lunch hour, the prize for which was a holiday. Well, of course, it was really a timeshare presentation and no, we didn’t buy on that occasion, but when talking about it to a friend of ours, he offered to sell us two of his timeshare weeks.

"So began our timeshare experience, two weeks red time in a Spanish resort. To this day we have never stayed at the resort but exchanging those two weeks has sent us on fantastic holidays in Europe and the wider world."

I now own seven weeks of timeshare, all in Spain and although, in the current economic climate, the maintenance fees are something of a struggle at times, I have never regretted my investment. The properties I own are all at Gold Crown resorts and of an exceptionally high standard. Since my husband has died, I have stayed alone at my resorts in perfect safety and always know that I will be met by the same high standards as always when I get there.

As a family we have exchanged into top quality resorts around the world.. We have visited Portugal, Spain, Majorca, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Madeira, Scotland, Devon, The Lake District, Cornwall, Florida and Las Vegas to name but a few. Only once in all the years we have owned timeshare, have we been disappointed in the resort and even then, had we known, the exchange company would have moved us to another resort. We have rubbed shoulders with people who have paid a lot of money to stay at 5 star resorts and yet we have paid only the exchange fee.

In recent years, I have stayed at four of my resorts and only exchanged three of my weeks. My favourite resort is in the beautiful mountain village of Mijas on the Costa del Sol in Spain and I will never tire of visiting my two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a view that stretches to Africa and Gibraltar on a clear day. My family and friends also enjoy timeshare holidays and my son and daughter would never go on a package tour because they are so used to the quality that a good timeshare resort provides.

Bad publicity sells newspapers and magazines and timeshare has had its fair share of adverse comment. However, there are many satisfied owners out there whose experiences do not sell newspapers but do provide them with a quality holiday every year.

Christine Green, Timeshare Owner

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